“You shall gain, but you shall pay with sweat, blood, and vomit.”


The luxurious lifestyle has made us lazy. We always look out for the way to do work without getting physically involve. Even many companies have come in-front to provide you with people who will work on your behalf. This definitely makes life easy but also leads to obesity.

According to the WHO report in 2014 on Obesity:

  • The obesity has doubled when compared to 1980.
  • More than 1.9 billion adults ( with the age of 18 and above) were overweight and out of them 60% were obese.
  • 39% of adults were overweight and out of them 13% were obese.
  • Most of the world population lives in the countries, where more people are killed due to obesity rather than underweight.
  • Obesity is not just limited to adults, 45 million children under the age of 5 were found to be overweight or obese in the report of WHO in 2014.

Here I am linking complete WHO report on Obesity and Overweight.

How,ever their are methods by which obesity can be removed. The most recommended one is doing regular workout. It doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym floor and sweat there to prevent or reduce obesity. This task can be done at home or in park. All you need is motivation and determination.

Apart from this, Pink Panda Gym is always with you to guide the right way of performing the exercise through videos and blogs.

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