You might have heard ‘Use the stairs, not the elevator’ number of times. But have you ever wondered that stairs can give you serious fitness goals. The article is going to showcase the workouts that you can do, whether at home or anywhere in public. This will not only help you reach your destination, but also act as a toning tool.

Moving up the stairs forces you to act against the gravity, enabling you to get stronger and gain power in your lower body portion. Moreover, your heart rate rises.  These mini cardio exercises will help you in burning calories at the faster rate when you finish your workout. You will also observe quick changes in your arms, butt, back, and thighs as they tone-up. Finally, you’ll be thinking that the stairs are free and provides effective ferocious workout.

Here I’ll be showing you, how 10 minute staircase workout brings drastic changes in your body. You will also learn the proper method of implementing the exercises for maximum benefit.

How to do staircase workout?

Make it a point to perform each exercise for 30 seconds. To keep track of time, you can wear the sports watch. It makes your workout look more stylish, and also helps to keep check on each exercise.

Perform as many reps as possible with putting strain on your body parts. Also, keep in mind that you have to perform each exercise as per the clock, irrespective of the stair length. After you have done the set for the first time, take 2 minutes rest. Repeat the entire set for one more time.

Voila, you have done your 10 minute strength and cardio workout without going to the gym. These 2 circuits will do enough work to pump energy into you. Remember, to use the guardrail incase you require, and watch your feet to avoid any injury.

List of Exercises to do 10 minutes staircase workout for Cardio and Strength



Cardio: Stair Run

Start by standing at the bottom of the stairs and run upwards quickly using each step. Move your arms as you move quickly. Climb down the stairs. Repeat

Time: 30 seconds



Strength: Walking Lunge

Begin confronting the base of stairs. Step your correct foot onto the following steps and twists both knees as you lower into a jump, keeping your front knee following over your shoe. Push off with your right foot and utilize your arms to help you impel your left foot onto the following step and lower into another rush. Keep changing legs until you achieve the highest point of the stairs. Walk or rundown of stairs. Repeat.

Time: 30 seconds



Cardio: Sideways Stair Run

Begin at the base of the stairs with your right side of the body nearest to the stairs. Leading with your right foot, keep running up the stairs sideways. (Imagine your feet are pursuing each other. Right foot goes first, however as the left foot approaches the initial step, the correct foot ought to as of now be lifted to climb to the second step.) When you get to the top, move down the stairs slowly. Repeat.

Time: 30 seconds



Strength: Pushups

Put hands on the first or second step with legs stretched out behind you on the ground so you’re in broad position. (The higher the progression your hands are on, the simpler the push-up will be.) Make certain your hands are shoulder-width separated. Twist elbows and gradually drop your chest down to the progression. Breathe out as you press your trunk go down to beginning position, keeping your center tight all through. Repeat.

Time: 30 seconds



Cardio: Repeat Stair Run

Time: 30 seconds



Strength: Squat Jumps

Start at the base of a staircase with feet hip-width separated and arms by sides. Let the hips down into a squat position, fix abs, then swing arms forward and hop up onto the following step, with both feet landing together. If the steps are excessively near one another, skip one. Land in the squat position. Swing arms behind you, then swing arms forward and bounce to the following step. Repeat to the highest point of the staircase. Leisurely walk down.

Time: 30 seconds



Cardio: Repeat Sideways Stair Run

Time: 30 seconds



Strength: Triceps Dips

Sit on floor, confronting far from a staircase with back against initial step. Put hands behind you; shoulder width separated, onto the initial step. Lift hips up so arms are straight, holding the shoulders down and far from the ears. Fix abs. Twist elbows, keeping them appropriate alongside the body and lower hips practically to the ground, then press go down, crushing triceps and fixing arms. Repeat.

Time: 30 seconds


Perform the above listed exercise regularly, and you will see your body transforming and toning up. Take precautions while training. On the off chance you get injured immediately get the medical aid.

I have been getting many emails and messages from readers to upload a video on butt and legs stair workout. Have a look at the video and start flaunting your body.

Happy Gyming…!!


Perform these exercises and let us know what difference did this workout made on you, in the comment section below.