Stair climbing may very well be the best exercise you’re not doing. It’s fun and hugely compelling. On the off chance that going to the gym aren’t your thing or you don’t have access to a step machine, you can get similarly as great an exercise outside, more precisely a better one. Stair climbing is significantly more adaptable and enables you to blend in, all ways of training techniques that you just wouldn’t have the capacity to do on a stage machine.

Practicing on the step machine or stepper is what might as well be called bike training wheels contrasted with getting out and strolling or running up good flights of stairs. On a scale of one to ten, stair climber machines and step-ups score an alright 6-7 through raging up the stairs at your neighborhood stadium will score a fat burning 10!

Regardless of whether you require a cross-training activity that will take you’re hurrying to more noteworthy heights, need to get more fit for barely anything, are searching for a powerful all in one exercise, or are quite recently looking for the following test – stair climbing yields fantastic outcomes. You’ll be unable to discover an activity that consolidates cardio, strength, and calorie burning as magnificently as stair climbing does.

Benefits of Climbing the Stairs

In the previous blog “How to Get In-shape using the Staircase of your Home?” I have mentioned the benefits of using the staircase for a fit body and the benefits that come handy with it.

In case you have not read that article I would recommend you to go through it and understand the advantages involved with using the stairs as your fitness equipment.

If you want to go through a video, here is the link to it.

Tips to follow before Starting the Stair Workout

First of all, you need to start by warming up your body with jogging and skipping, and eventually cool down doing the stretching.
You need to practice good form to avoid injury and workout harder.
Don’t just focus on your calf muscles to climb the stairs and also avoid stepping just on your toes.
You need to focus on your larger leg muscles to move ahead. Raise your leg high to take a step.
When you are descending downstairs, it is safe to use each step. Also, don’t run down the stairs as it puts more pressure on your knees and ankles.
Take rest when there is a need and keep yourself hydrated.
Always look out for long, broad and straight staircase to avoid injury.
Stair workout is an exhausting exercise. Before starting consult with your health care professional, and start only after approval.
Start your training slowly, and increase the intensity and speed gradually with every workout.

Stair climbing Workout Ideas

Stairs can be used in many ways for an excellent workout. To save your time, I am listing few great workout exercises to get a fit body. You can use each of them alone, or with friends and mates, make it a mega stair workout program.

  • Easy Going:

Run up and walk back down. Rest a moment and repeat the process. The reps will depend on the length of stairs and your fitness.

  • Heavy Weight:

Fasten with strap, a backpack or carry dumbbells to increase the intensity. However, take care that you don’t get injured.

  • Utilization of the Body:

Do reps of push-up, sit-ups, and squats on each step as you come back down. Repeat when you climb the stairs.

  • Up and Down:

Keep running up to the first landing and after that withdraw. At that point, and without stopping, keep running up to the second landing and withdraw. Pivot and after that keep running up to the third landing and withdraw. Keep on going up one landing at once until you achieve the top. Jog down to ground level, cool off and repeat.

  • Exercise with a Mate:

With a partner, do pushups, squats or some other bodyweight practice while your friend keeps running up to the highest point of the stairs and withdraw. Change over and repeat. Take it swings to choose the activity to be performed at the base of the stairs. Keep in mind, the speedier you run, the fewer reps your accomplice has to do.

  • Strength Training:

Climb the stairs with a dumbbell or portable weight in each hand and do a set of strength training exercise on each arrival. Unless the activities you select require it, don’t put the weights down once you have begun the training. Reasonable activities incorporate iron weight swings, dumbbell curl to press, thrusters, sumo squats and rushes.

  • Sprints:

Ride as far up the stairs as you can in 30 seconds and after that stroll down to the begin. Repeat five more times while endeavoring to move as high each time from that point.

These are the top exercises of stair workout. Remember; don’t just stick yourself to the stair exercises. Use the stairs wherever you go instead of an elevator. Practice these exercises on a regular basis and move towards a fit and healthy life.